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Commercial Rose Nurseries
  Green E Plants - 06/07/2004
  Magic Garden Roses - Melbourne - 09/21/2004
  Over 1200 different varieties of roses. - 02/03/2005
  Rose Nursery in Sydney - 06/23/2005
  1000 Islands Roses - 11/20/2009
Rose societies & enthusiasts
  Rosarosam - 10/04/2003
  Home Garden Care - 01/17/2004
  Daniel Hanna's guide to growing roses - 01/22/2004
  The Queensland Rose Society Inc - 09/21/2004
  Rose Society of Western Australia - 09/25/2004
  The Rose Society of Victoria Inc. - 10/27/2005
  The National Rose Society of Australia - 10/27/2005
  The Rose Society of NSW - 10/27/2005
  New Zealand Rose Society - 10/27/2005
Rosarians, breeders and propagators
Flowers Shops
  Roses @ - 07/26/2007
Rose sites, forums and exchanges
  Rose Exchange - 11/17/2002
  Garden Web for Australia - 11/17/2002
  the Nanyang Triangle Rose Trade Centre - 12/28/2007
Rose databases
  Gardening Services at Sydney North shore - 02/07/2006

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