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This is a list of roses that have been tested by some one to be good as own root roses. For those who would like to start rooting roses, picking on a list of roses currently offered in own root format around the world would be a good bet. Please contribute to this table by sending information to

Rose nameTypeGood as own rootEasy to rootGrow well on rootstockCommentsRegionContributor
AprilHTNoNoMultifloraThis is a cut flower. Only good in Autumn as it hates the heat and strong Sun lightSydneydmaivn
Bella rosaFloribundaYesYesMultifloraSeems a little more vigorous on Multiflora than as own rootSydneydmaivn
Botany BayHTYesNoMultifloraDecent performance, light bush, delicate flowersSydneydmaivn
Burgundy IcebergFloribundaYesYesWhite IcebergWhite Iceberg and Burgundy are completely compatible and have same vigour. They can be combined to make a plant with two colours when used White Iceberg as the rootstockSydneydmaivn
Double DelightHTNoNoMultifloraThe climber version is more vigorous. Humidity and blackspot are its enemySydneydmaivn
Dr. HueyHyb. WichuranaYesYesOwn rootIt's not extremely easy to root as a rootstock! However if the conditions are ideal it will root consistently at very high percentage. This rootstock lives very long - 100 years!Sydneydmaivn
First RedHTNoNoMultifloraExcellent on MultifloraSydneydmaivn
Fragrant CloudHTNot badNoMultifloraExcellent on MultifloraSydneydmaivn
Golden GateHTNoNoMultifloraPoor performance due to humiditySydneydmaivn
Gold MedalHTNoNoMultiflora,CaninaExcellent on Canina and MultifloraSydneydmaivn
IcebergFloribundaYesYesMultifloraSeems equally good as own root or budded. It is amazingly compatible with all other roses and can be an alternative rootstock for themSydneydmaivn
JF KenedyHTNoNoMultifloraExcellent on MultifloraSydneydmaivn
KardinalHTNot badNoMultifloraExtremely vigorous on Multiflora. Moderate performance on Dr HueySydneydmaivn
Mainau FeurGroundcoverYesYesCaninaThe extreme vigour I see of it on R. Canina rootstock makes me wonder. The parent plant I have on Multiflora is fairly good. Dr Huey works well with it too but fighting blackspot seems harder. It buds well on Sweet Briar as wellSydneydmaivn
New DawnHybrid WichuranaYesYesMultifloraVery vigorous on Multiflora. Huge climber. Not good as standard or weeperSydneydmaivn
Princess de monaccoHTNot badNoMultifloraVigorous on MultifloraSydneydmaivn
Queen ElizabethGrandifloraYesNot badMultiflora Sydneydmaivn
R. CaninaSpeciesYesYesOwn rootAlso known as Dog rose. It's not extremely easy to root as a rootstock. However it's easily root late Winter as semi-hardwood. This rootstock can be quite thorny. There are many wild strains. It's thick and tall and suitable for making bush, standards and weepersSydneydmaivn
R. MultifloraSpeciesYesYesOwn rootThere are various strains. They are excellent rootstocks. The thornless strains seem to be less disease resistant. It's very easy to root. To avoid suckers cut away the bark at the node underthe soil lineSydneydmaivn
Smooth PrinceHTYesYesMultifloraSeems equally good as own root or buddedSydneydmaivn
Summer EveningGroundcoverYesYesMultifloraGood, rapid groundcoverSydneydmaivn
The fairyClustered flowerYesYesMultiflora,CaninaSmall rose, best suited with a small think Multiflora rootstock for better graft unionSydneydmaivn
Tropical AmazonHTNoNoMultifloraExcellent on MultifloraSydneydmaivn
VesperFloribundaYesNoCaninaSeems equally good as own root or budded. It can be rooted as semi-hardwood late Winter but the sucess rate is very low. It seems to bud only on Canina. I have failed on Multifloras and Dr HueySydneydmaivn
White MeidilandGroundcoverYesYesMultifloraRoot well like weed. Great on own roots. Doing ok on Dr Huey but seem to suffer blackspot more, however seems to gain in having more blooms and looking nice as a compact standards (hardly need pruning)Sydneydmaivn

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