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This rose image gallery are for members of Rose Exchange to show off their roses. If you are interested in these pictures and would like to get a high quality original digital copy or plant material just send a message to the owner. The images have been water-marked to deter unauthorised copying.

All new pics Collection of all new pics 1 day old (0 photos, contact dmaivn)
All members' pics Collection of all pics from all members (756 photos, contact dmaivn)
Featured pics Photos to be featured on home page (30 photos, contact dmaivn)
Dao-2003 Sydney South-East (85 photos, contact dmaivn)
Rootstocks Rose Rootstocks (10 photos, contact dmaivn)
Judy's Roses Roses_FNQ (88 photos, contact scubamid)
Bryan's clients One of my clients Roses (25 photos, contact bryan)
Bommy's Roses Roses growing in garden - Walkerston Nth QLD (9 photos, contact bommy)
Cathy's Passion My Rose Garden - GoldCoast, Queensland 2003 (48 photos, contact tomboy)
Annie's My Babies (21 photos, contact annie)
Sabine My garden (39 photos, contact sabine)
Juls My garden eastern melbourne (50 photos, contact juls)
Jan's Roses My Roses - Gunbower Vic (61 photos, contact jan)
Dao-2004 Roses' poverty in a townhouse (45 photos, contact dmaivn)
Calthrop's rose Nice roses I have met (2 photos, contact calthrop)
Yoda's Roses My rose garden in Melbourne (53 photos, contact coolyoda)
Old Parl House Old Parliament House Rose Garden (12 photos, contact phil_aust)
Wollongong Wollongong Botanic Gardens (15 photos, contact dmaivn)
Cessnock Hunter Valley - huge gardens (7 photos, contact dmaivn)
Dao-2007 Town house roses (41 photos, contact dmaivn)
Justus2's My Roses (12 photos, contact justus2)
Sunshine Teas Tea Roases and others from Sunshine Coast (37 photos, contact balin54321)
Wollongong 2008 Wollongong 2008 spring (45 photos, contact dmaivn)
Christchurch Christchurch rose garden (0 photos, contact scubamid)
Favourite roses Pix from both the Katoomba and Sydney gardens (5 photos, contact meryl)
Kid rose Roses Some of My Best (8 photos, contact kidrose)

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