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This is a fairly comprehensive list of 1666 roses available ion Australian market. Even though you only find names here, but you can quickly cross to HelpMeFind Dot Com to lookup the detail for each rose. For the version that uses Every Rose Dot Com, use this link World Roses (Everyrose). Click on + for HelpMeFind lookup, or g for Google image search or rx for local image database, if the rose had a likely match in the local user contributed pics database this link should turn into . Other resources are the Hybrid Tea Cut Rose Images database and the user-contributed Rose Images database. If you know of a missing rose name, please contribute into the staging area or email to

Rose name   
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+ g rx Maasai + g Mabella + g Madam president + g rx Madeleine
+ g rx Maggie + g rx Maggy barry + g Magic carousel + g rx Magicfire
+ g Magic sunset + g Magma + g rx Maidene rs blush + g Mainau feur
+ g rx Maira + g rx Majolika + g Mamon couchet + g rx Manita
+ g rx Manou meilland + g rx Many happy returns + g Marcel bourgouin + g rx Marcellin champagnat
+ g Marchen konigen + g Marechal niel + g rx Marella + g Margaret merril
+ g rx Margarie fair + g Marguerite hilling + g Maria callas + g rx Mariana
+ g Marie de st. jean + g rx Marie-luise marjan + g Marie parvie + g Marie pavie
+ g Marie von houtte + g rx Marijke koopman + g rx Marilyn monroe + g rx Mariska
+ g Marjorie fair + g rx Marjory palmer + g rx Marlena + g rx Martine guillot
+ g rx Martin frobisher + g Mary guthrie + g Mary magdalene + g Mary marshall
+ g Mary mckillop + g Mary rose + g Mary sumner + g rx Mascara
+ g Masquerade + g rx Master hugh + g rx Matangi + g rx Mathias meilland
+ g rx Mauve + g rx Mawson + g Maxi vista + g rx Maya
+ g rx Mayor of casterbridg + g rx May queen + g Medeo + g rx Medium tall

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