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General terms & conditions

  • The system is available as is. There is no guarantee of any kind of system availability or performance for this service. 
  • Users are expected to observe reasonable netiquete on the forums and not attempt to abuse or hack the system in anyway, and we reserve the right to block access or edit the messages or report abusers to relevant authorities. Please refer to the topic "What are inappropriate?" for detail. 
  • To cater for off topics and a higher degree of tolerance, the board "The Wild Rose Cafe" can be a catch-all board. Members can post off-topics messages and squabble on issues. All the clauses in this T & C still applies but the site management will adopt a lax attitude of control.
  • The presentation of user messages depends heavily on our software and configuration, therefore we reserve the right to edit the formatting of any message with or without the user's consent. This also applies to both images and text content.
  • Users are entirely responsible for their post of information. Any trading activities of patented materials, plants, etc. that are considered as a violation of international and Australian patent laws are forbidden on this exchange site.
  • Each member owns the material s/he contributes. Any attempt to make use of the material that belongs to some one else for commercial purposes without the consent of the owner is not acceptable. However by posting the material on this site, the author has given consent to this site to display the material indefinitely for others to view, and this consent cannot be revoked under any circumstances
  • When a user's action is deemed inappropriate by the site management, a warning notice will be given via email. Therefore it's the responsibility of the users to keep the email address up to date and read email frequently. And the account may be suspended pending a resolution.
  • The usage terms and conditions can be updated at any time with or without warning. Although changes to the terms and conditions won't be applied retrospectively, existing members must accept them to continue being members of this website. Members are expected to check back here when in doubt.
  • If a user account is not used for posting for over 1 year, it's deemed that the user has left permanently, and it will be automatically removed from the system
  • By registering for an account with this site, the new member is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.

What are inappropriate?

  • A user account is unique, non-transferable and only for personal use. It's not acceptable to allow another person to borrow an account. It's equally unacceptable to post a message for some one else.
  • Difference of opinions is completely acceptable. Members should be respectful and courteous to other members. You may not transmit any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable content.
  • Each forum topic is intended for a particular subject. Only "The Wild Rose Cafe board" is the place for any off-topic discussion, jokes and the like. Please post your message in the most relevant board (topic).
  • Knowingly supply false information is not appropriate. You may not post or transmit chain letters, pyramid, or money schemes.
  • Posting personal messages is not appropriate. Private messaging should be used to send private messages.
  • Posting business advertisement in the forums is inappropriate. All personal requests and offer should be posted only in the exchange page using the specially designed format.
  • Posting content that is difficult to present such as large images or certain formatting that distorts the way the web page should normally look.
  • Links inside your post should not point to adult content or warez sites.
  • The use of private messaging on the forum to send unsolicited advertisements or harrassment messages is a serious violation.
  • Posting of sexual explicit pornographic images is not appropriate. Materials related to child sex are considered to be the violation of Australian and International laws and will be reported to the authority.
  • Promoting a religous or political view is inappropriate
  • Posting of images or altering content of another's personal photo gallery is considered a serious violation.
  • Any attempt to breach security allowing a person to use another member's account is a serious violation.
  • Any attempt to use this site to communicate terrorist messages, post material for creation of weapons or incite violence of any kind is an extremely serious violation.
  • Any attempt to discuss personal issues or problems with the management of this site on the forum boards is inappropriate. Direct communication with the management of this site is the only appropriate way to resolve this type of problems.

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